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Preparing for Big Life


At the University of South Dakota, you can learn to "think big" while studying the smallest molecular compounds, according to Dmitri Kilin, assistant professor of chemistry research. 

"I am trying to prepare (students) for big life — big scientific, big research life," he said.  

Currently, Kilin teaches the CHEM792: Computational Chemistry course to graduate students. 

By the semester's end, Kilin's students present their research, as part of their final exam, to combine the necessary scientific communication skills learned during the semester including: public presentations, preparing publications and peer-reviewing. 

Putting these skills to the test in CHEM792 provides students with the tools they need to succeed in the chemistry field. Kilin said this type of practical experience prepares students for careers beyond the classroom. 

"(Students) need to overcome the reviewing procedure where (reviewers) judge whether your paper or your prepared contribution is good enough to be published and presented. Starting from the earliest part of this career, one should prepare for this part of life." 

In addition, findings obtained through CHEM792 students' research are published via YouTube videos--available worldwide--which adds a global dimension to the work, and creates potential for the enhancement of scientific literacy around the world.

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