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Our People

Leaders, innovators, healers, heroes. Our students and faculty excel in many areas.  These are some of their stories.

Our Students 

Lena Tran
Lena Tran

Communication Studies major is a recipient of a $3,000 Gilman Scholarship to study abroad. More>
  Bethany Firsick
Bethany Firsick

South Dakota's NCAA national champion pole vaulter named The Summit League Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year. More>

Collin Michels
Collin Michels

Sanford School of Medicine student named recipient of the 2014 Excellence in Public Health Award.  More>

  Taylor Moore
Taylor Moore

Contemporary Media & Journalism major, receives the 2013 Ed Bradley Scholarship.  More>

Alexa Duling>
Alexa Duling

Student-athlete receives the 2013 Walter Byers Postgraduate Scholarship from the NCAA.  More>

  Brittany Youpee
Brittany Youpee

Mathematics major, receives the Gilman International Scholarship and Critical Need Language Award. More>

Jiangchao Chen
Stephanie Jensen

Graduate students recognized for their contributions to chemistry research. More>

Nancy Andresen

Baha cochlear implant and Career Service scholarship give student and staff member a life changing perspective. More>


Our Faculty
Research on vitamin C coated stents is recognized by American Chemical Society

Our Faculty/Students
Eagappanath Thiruppathi,
Ph.D. Student and Gopinath Mani, Ph.D., assistant professor of biomedical engineering

Thiruppathi and Mani have developed a way to coat stents with vitamin C to function more efficiently for preventing blood clots in stented arteries. Read More>

Wade Nilson
2014 Distinguished Service Award
Our Faculty

Wade Nilson, Associate Professor of Health Sciences and Physician Assistant Studies Program Chair

The SDAPA Physician Assistant Distinguished Service Award was established to recognize outstanding achievement of physician assistants in the state of South Dakota. Read More>

Dongming Mei
Stanley May
Haoran Sun
President's Research Awards - 2014

Three faculty members were recognized in 2014 for outstanding research.  Haoran Sun, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Stanley May, Ph.D., Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Haoran Sun, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry.  Read More>

Victor Huber
Researcher Explores Causes of Influenza Strains

Our Faculty
Victor Huber
, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Basic Biomedical Sciences at Sanford School of Medicine

Researcher is helping scientists predict severity of lethal flu strains to better prepare for future outbreaks. Read More>

Dongming Mei
Growing the Future
Our Faculty

Dr. Dongming Mei - Associate Professor, Physics

His research involves ultra-high purity germanium crystals grown for ultra-low background experiments at the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL) at Homestake. Read More>

Research to Provide New Insights into Traumatic Stress
Our Faculty

Jeffrey Simons - Professor, Dept. of Psychology
Raluca Gaher - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology

Researchers at USD are part of a multidisciplinary study that will provide new insights into effects of traumatic stress.  Read More>

QR Codes Offer Solutions
Our Faculty

Stanley May - Professor, Dept. of Chemistry

Researchers at USD, in collaboration with the South Dakota School of Mines & Technologies (SDSM&T), have made an invisible version of the popular Quick Response (QR) code.  Read More>

Researching Kerala, India

Our Faculty
Eric Jepsen
- Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science

Eric Jepsen, assistant professor of political science, is the recipient of a nine month Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship for research and lecturing at Kerala University in Kerala, India.  Read More>

Preparing for Big Life

Our Faculty
Dmitri Kilin - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry

At the University of South Dakota, you can learn to "think big" while studying the smallest molecular compounds, according to Dmitri Kilin, assistant professor of chemistry research. "I am trying to prepare (students) for big life — big scientific, big research life," he said.  Read More>

Little House on the Moon?
Our Faculty

Ranjit Koodali - Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry

Thanks to a $207,485 grant from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), USD Associate Professor of chemistry Ranjit Koodali is in the process of helping NASA develop structures that will make it possible for people to live on the moon.  Read More>

The Search for Clarity
Our Faculty
Jessica Messersmith - Assistant Professor & Clinical Supervisor, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Jessica J. Messersmith, Ph.D., is uncovering how cochlear implant users hear. Hearing aids allow us to communicate with each other by making sounds louder.  However, when an individual is profoundly deaf or hard of hearing, simply making the sound louder does not improve hearing.  Read More>

Randy Quevillon
The Calm Within the Storm

Our Faculty
Randy P. Quevillon, Ph.D.
Chair of the Dept. of Psychology & faculty of the Disaster Mental Health Institute

"Disaster relief is all really powerful stuff," said Quevillon. He should know—for decades, he has provided assistance in situations ranging from natural disasters to man-made tragedies, including the attacks of 9/11. Read More>