Academic & Career Planning Center

Establish an Internship Program

An Internship Is...

  • A structured learning experience in a professional work environment
  • For academic credit or work experience
  • Paid or non-paid depending on the employer, the needs of the student, and the academic area
  • Full or part-time during a summer or semester
  • A "bridge" between the classroom and work world, where a student is assigned professional and/or pre-professional tasks and responsibilities.

Employer Benefits

  • Increase your organization's visibility on campus.
  • Gives your organization a cost effective way to find talent for full-time positions.
  • Allows your business/organization to receive valuable services from a USD student.

Student Benefits

  • Provides a student the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to their career field.
  • Allows a student to contribute to their profession prior to graduating.
  • Gives a student the opportunity to show an organization the strong skills they might offer as a future employee.

To arrange an internship with your organization, please contact the USD Academic and Career Planning Center.