First Year Experience

First Year Experience

First Year Experience (FYE)

FYE is designed to help first-year students succeed academically and socially at USD.  FYE offers exciting classes, a network for personal support, connections to faculty, staff and other students, and direct access to campus resources.

Academic Options

USD 101 & FYE Seminars offer freshmen a 1-credit class that helps them successfully navigate through their first semester of college.  Students who choose FYE are better informed, earn higher first semester grades and graduate at a higher rate than students who do not choose FYE.  Make the right choice!

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USD 101

Earn credit as we help you transition to life as a successful USD student. Let us help you make connections with faculty, staff, students and resources at the University of South Dakota. USD 101 will help you meet other first year students and help you earn higher grades at USD. Learn More >>

FYE Seminars

Some majors & programs at USD offer credit for a seminar course designed especially for their freshman. Meet weekly and enjoy the benefits of a small class connecting you to a professor who will mentor you through your first semester at USD and other students who share this interest with you. Learn More >>

Social Options

Living-Learning Communities and the Coyote Mentor Program offer first-year students opportunities to connect with USD staff & other students with similar interests right from the start.  These programs make it easy to build connections with new friends and with USD staff who are happy to answer your questions and ease you through this transition to college.

Living-Learning Community
Live in one of five Living-Learning communities in the North Complex at USD. Meet other students right away with similar interests, interact with faculty and staff in a personal way on a routine basis, and participate in programming based on your community's theme. Learn More >>

Coyote Mentor Program

Get matched with a USD faculty or staff member based on your personal and academic interests.  Mentors and mentees meet throughout the year at their leisure for coffee, dinner, a sporting event or other mutually interesting activity. Students who have participated in the past liked having someone on campus that they knew well who they could talk to about anything. Learn More >>