Academic Commons

Presentation Center

The Presentation Center (PC) is dedicated to the production and refinement of oral presentations delivered in classrooms and other settings on the campus of USD.  The Center is designed as a resource for both undergraduate and graduate students; furthermore, its friendly staff of presentation professionals can assist with either formal or informal presentation. The following are just a few of the services provided by the PC:

Presentation Workshops

Presentation professionals deliver several workshops throughout each semester that address important components of presentations construction, including verbal and non-verbal punctuation, use of visual aids, presentation structure, use of evidence, and introduction/conclusion construction.

Presentation Construction

Long before people sent text messages or even wrote their name, they used their voice and body to persuade, inform and praise, but effective public speaking has always been the product of careful planning and practice. Presentation professionals can help students craft presentations that will convey meaning, elicit attention and inspire excellence.

Structured Feedback

Presentation professionals are equipped to analyze student presentations on more than 15 dimensions of accessibility and effectiveness. Accessible presentation are those that clearly provide a thesis, a set of main ideas and evidence for their claims. Effective presentations compel audience attention with intentional introductions, transitions, conclusions and non-verbal punctuation.

Audience Services

Research on performance shows that authentic practice ameliorates speaking anxiety. Presentation professionals can provide students with an audience in a setting that closely mimics a live presentation situation. In addition, attentive spectatorship can be followed by challenging questions and/or structured feedback

The Presentation Center will not have regularly scheduled workshop hours after December 6. If you would like to reserve the space for a private function, please contact, or call 677-5476.