Academic & Global Engagement

About Us

What We Do:
  • Our goal is to assist students in identifying and realizing opportunities for quality experiential learning.
What is Academic Engagement?
  • Academic and Global Engagement includes different types of activities, all with one common goal - to engage you in hands-on learning activities outside of the classroom.
  • These activities include service-learning, undergraduate research, study abroad, nationally competitive scholarships and national student exchange.
Sarah-Wittmuss Sarah Hirsch Wittmuss, Director
Sarah supports a number of the programs in the Center for Academic Global Engagement and also advises and teaches in the Honors Program.
Eric-Leise Eric Leise, Assistant Director
Eric supports students interested in going abroad or studying off campus in the US.
KarlReasoner Karl Reasoner, Assistant Director for Academic Engagement
Karl advises the Alternative Week of Off-campus Learning (AWOL)  organization, supports AmeriCorps, and helps students become involved in undergraduate research & creative scholarship.
Mandela Anthony Mandela, Global Learning Advisor
Anthony supports students interested in going abroad or studying off-campus in the U.S.
Sandy-Uhing Sandy Uhing, Program Assistant
Sandy manages the administration of the budget and assists students and faculty with finances related to CAGE programs.
Amy-Sandy Kate Sandy, AmeriCorps Assistant
Kate helps student enrolled as AmeriCorps members, assisting the community with education, healthy futures, and capacity building efforts.