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Learning Outside the Classroom

Welcome to me to the CAGE! Our programs add to your on-campus studies to prepare you for life after graduation. They include service-learning, AWOL breaks of service, undergraduate research and creative scholarship, study abroad, National Student Exchange, nationally competitive scholarships and international student support and programming. Set yourself apart by gaining real world experience to prepare you for a global market.

Meet a USD Student: Josh Rogers


Josh is a medical biology major. Join Josh in the lab as he discusses his unique undergraduate research opportunities in neuro behavior.

We Offer an Array of Learning Experiences and Support:

  • Service-Learning
    Service-learning allows you to apply concepts learned in the classroom to real world problems and community projects.
  • Nationally Competitive Scholarships
    Nationally competitive scholarships are prestigious and highly competitive. USD students have collected 64 of these scholarships and awards over the last 11 years.
  • International Student Support
    We provide assistance to international students currently studying at USD, including information about immigration regulations and services offered by the University. We also provide assistance to USD departments advising and hiring international students, including information on registration requirements.
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Diversity Statement

USD is committed to a systematic, intentional, comprehensive, and holistic approach to diversity and inclusiveness. To learn more about USD's diversity and inclusiveness initiatives, please visit the website for the Office of Diversity.




Explore the World

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Find out how we've been helping people through service-learning and undergraduate research and view just a few of the places from around the world where USD students have visited!