Center for Academic & Global Engagement International Student Services

Newly Admitted Students

On behalf of the Center for Academic and Global Engagement,
Welcome to the University of South Dakota! 

The Center will be your primary contact for many issues during your stay at USD and we look forward to helping you. It is our goal to make your time at USD successful!

After you have received your formal letter of admission from the USD Office of Undergraduate Admission or the Graduate School, please utilize the Center website as it will be useful to you as you prepare for your journey to the University of South Dakota.

We expect that you have many questions and your first days on campus are likely to be confusing. During the International Student Orientation, you will receive a lot of helpful information that will help you make your transition to the University of South Dakota easier.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Center at, or (605) 677-6338.

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