Center for Academic & Global Engagement Nationally Competitive Scholarships

Do Something Extraordinary

Nationally competitive scholarships are a prestigious, highly competitive and lucrative group of scholarships available to U.S. undergraduate and graduate students.  Although these scholarships are difficult to win and require substantial preparation, USD students have great success. In fact, USD students have collected 64 of these scholarships and awards over the last 11 years.

Preparation should start early:
  • Grades are important
  • Pursue an ambitious curriculum
  • Get involved through research, internships, service-learning, study abroad and student organizations
  • Develop close relationships with faculty in several disciplines
  • Search for leadership opportunities
  • Broaden your horizons

The Center for Academic and Global Engagement will help you apply for these scholarships and compete for the required University endorsement for many of them. 


Susan Hackemer, Nationally Competitive Scholarships Coordinator