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USD uses StudioAbroad, a third-party management software, to present information on specific study abroad programs and to process applications.

Financial Aid & USD Scholarships:

Federal financial aid may be used on every USD Global Learning program. Students must be sure to submit their FAFSA in a timely manner and meet with the USD Financial Aid Office and complete their USD Global Learning application as soon as possible to receive the maximum aid available. Often times, since the cost of studying abroad can be more expensive than attending USD, the amount of federal financial aid students may receive is increased.

Students who receive USD Scholarships including, the Mickelson, the Presidential Alumni, Ullyot, Coyote Commitment or South Dakota Opportunity, will want to go on either a USD Direct or USD Sponsored program since these allow scholarship funds to be applied toward the cost of the study abroad program.

USD Study Abroad Scholarships:
  • Farber Fund: stipends for students studying abroad who are majoring in political science, criminal justice or international studies
  • Gasque Scholarship: offered by the English Department to study in the UK (England, Northern Ireland or Scotland) or the Republic of Ireland. Find qualifying programs.
  • USD Global Learning Scholarship: offers up to $500 for students studying abroad who are majoring in the natural sciences or mathematics, or who are of Native American descent.
Nationally Competitive Scholarships for Study Abroad:
Other Scholarships:

There are dozens of other scholarships to which students can apply to help cover any additional expense of studying abroad. Many are very specific in terms of who is eligible or where the scholarship may be used.  Please consult with the Global Learning staff.