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USD uses StudioAbroad, a third-party management software, to present information on specific study abroad programs and to process applications.

Direct Programs:

USD Direct Programs are the most afforable study abroad option. USD has 'direct' agreements with the following universities which allows you to continue paying regular tuition & fees to USD, while not having to pay tuition to the foreign university. There are no 'extra' costs besides the international flight and on-site living expenses. In most cases, you will fully enroll ('matriculate') into the foreign university just like any other student and will have access to a broad range of courses, local student unions and organizations, public transportation and other benefits. 

Sponsored and Affiliate Programs:

These programs are offered through 'third-party' (non-USD) providers who provide extensive on-site support, including airport pick-up, course registration, housing placement, and cultural excursions, among other things. With Sponsored and Affiliate programs, you do not pay USD tuition or fees, but instead pay a program fee directly to the program provider. USD chooses to partner with these program providers based upon reputation, academic quality, excellent student support services, and fitness with our students' needs.

Faculty-Led Programs:

A USD-FLP is a program designed by a faculty member at USD and administered by the Global Learning staff. These 'in house' programs offer you the opportunity to travel domestically or abroad with other USD students and the faculty member leading the trip while taking a course. On most USD-FLPs, you will earn 3 or 6 credits, depending on the program duration and course content. Typically, a USD-FLP will travel within a particular region of a country or stay in a single city to get an in-depth understanding of local culture, politics, and geography. Each program is unique, so be sure to discuss the program with the faculty leader or the Global Learning staff to make sure this is the best option based on your personal and academic goals.  

National Student Exchange:

The National Student Exchange, or NSE, is an organization which faciliates the exchange of students between universities in the U.S., Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Like going on a study abroad program, you're able to select to study for a semester or academic year at one of the 200 participating universities. 

Other Programs:
  • Internships. Internships are available through several of USD's affiliate organizations in areas such as health care, NGOs, education, law, and business. In some cases students can combine their study abroad program with an internship opportunity and choose to receive credit for their work as an intern. In other cases, students can organize a self-study with a professor at USD to receive credit for an overseas internship.
  • Volunteer. Volunteer opportunities are usually organized through non-for-profit organizations on the student's behalf, and can include work in health care, education, and natural disaster relief, among others. If you're interested in volunteer work overseas as part of your course work at USD (for example, to receive credit for a practicum or field experience), consult with your faculty advisor, department chair and the Global Learning Advisor.
  • International research opportunities. Students who have a particular research interest are encouraged to carry out research internationally, either as part of a regular study abroad program or independently. Many of USD's Direct and Sponsored programs offer prearranged research opportunities.
  • International Alternative Week of Off-Campus Learning (AWOL) Programs. AWOL is a student-led group within the Center for Academic and Global Engagement which organizes service-learning trips during winter and spring breaks throughout the U.S.  Read more about Service-Learning.