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Desire2Learn Training

D2L 1:
Introduction and Course Setup
This introductory course will instruct you with on overview of D2L, including how to access and activate a course, how to customize your course, and how to manage course content. 
D2L 2:
Grades and the Classlist 

This class explains how to set up and manage your grade book, how to enter and export grades, and how to utilize the classlist for emailing students and viewing user progress.

D2L 3:
Communication Tools and Personal Tools

This course will teach you how to use communication tools in D2L, including course calendar, news item, pager, and discussion.

 Assessment Tools

This course will discuss the purpose and use of the Dropbox tool and how to create, edit, and grade a quiz.

D2L 5:
This workshop explains the user progress features of D2L, including: student statistics for discussions, content and dropboxes, as well as quiz analytics. 
D2L 6:
What's New in D2L
This course will show you all the new features with the most recent D2L upgrade. Comparisons will be made between the previous D2L and the new D2L.