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Microsoft Office Word 2013

Word 2013 1:

The Basics

Word part 1 covers the basics of World 2013, including accessing toolbars, using keyboard shortcuts and everyday commands, utilizing formatting options, inserting pictures and shapes, reviewing and correcting errors, and dealing with the new file format.

Word 2013 2:
Tables, Columns, Etc.

Word part 2 covers building blocks and quicker parts, working with Clip Art and tables, previewing and printing a document, working with hyperlinks, using Word's desktop publishing feature, formatting text in columns, and drawing a page border.

Word 2013 3:
Mail Merge, Templates, Etc.
Word part 3 covers utilizing the Mail Merge feature, integrating objects from other programs, and using templates.

Word 2013 4:
Building Blocks and Forms
Word part 4 covers creating forms, working with content controls, and building blocks.