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Video Creation and Sharing


PowerPoint Podcasting for the Classroom
This tutorial discusses how to create a podcast using PowerPoint, a simple way to move content delivery out of the classroom, and engage students in more active modes of learning during class time.


iTunes U The Basics
iTunes U gives educators an easy way to design complete courses with audio, video, and other content and distribute them through the iTunes U app. This tutorial will discuss how to access iTunes U and how to upload and manage content.

YouTube allows students and teachers to access, watch, upload, and share videos. This workshop will show you how to login to YouTube, configure your privacy settings, upload a video, share a link, and customize your personal profile.


Camtasia Studio is a software suite for creating video tutorials and presentations. This workshop will show you how to use Camtasia to record your own tutorials or lectures as well as showing you how to edit and publish them.