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The Student Technology Fellowship program at The University of South Dakota provides students and faculty an opportunity to enhance the use of technology in the classroom.  This is achieved by giving a select number of students a special assignment during their academic education.  These students will assist faculty in the use of technology for instruction.  With this support, faculty will be able to integrate more technology into their instruction, which in turn will provide their students with higher levels of experience in the applications of technology.  The result of this investment will be an increase in the technology skills of the student technology fellows and an increase in the number of graduates who have experienced technology applications in their studies making them better information technology workers.

Benefits to the Student:
  • Pays an hourly wage determined by the student's level of experience in the tech fellow program.
  • Real world information technology work experience.

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If you have questions about the Technology Fellows Program, please contact us at or 605-677-5411.


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