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Many economics majors are awarded scholarships for outstanding performance and academic promise.  Most of these scholarships are funded by endowments with the USD Foundation, and donor criteria for each scholarship are listed below.

Daniel M. Bylander Economics Scholarship  

Developed in honor of C.J. Whitlow, Ph.D., a long-time Professor of Economics, this scholarship is to be used to benefit students pursuing degrees in Economics in the School of Business at USD. To be eligible, students must have maintained a grade point average of 3.0 or more, going into either their junior or senior year, and be graduates of a South Dakota high school.      

Willard H. Dickinson Scholarship  

This scholarship was established in memory of Willard H. Dickinson, a graduate of the University of South Dakota and native of the state. Mr. Dickinson's degree in Electrical Engineering led him to a long and successful career with the Exxon Corporation. In addition to his professional life, Mr. Dickinson had a keen interest in economics and finance. This scholarship may be given to any deserving Economics major.      

Economics Development Fund Scholarship  

This scholarship is an endowed fund that was established by the economics faculty in 1982 in conjunction with the Century 2 Campaign. The earnings generated from the fund will be used to provide scholarships for students majoring in Economics.

Milo McCabe Memorial Scholarship  

This fund was established by friends of Milo McCabe after his death in 1987. Professor McCabe taught in the Economics Department at the University of South Dakota. Candidates for this scholarship must be in good standing with the University and be Economics majors.

Alan Nichols Scholarship  

This scholarship was set up by James R. Bunt, a 1967 graduate of USD, who was inspired by the teaching of Economics Professor Alan Nichols. Students who qualify for this scholarship must meet the following criteria:

  • In good standing with the University.
  • Senior Economics major.
  • Scored within the 50th percentile or higher on the GRE.
  • Maintain a grade point average of 3.25 or better.
Qwest Research Scholarship  

This was set up by the Qwest Corporation, which allows the student selected to do an independent research study.

C.J. Whitlow Economics Scholarship  

This scholarship was developed in honor of Dr. Claude J. Whitlow, who was a long-time professor in the School of Business, to provide an annual scholarship to an outstanding student majoring in Economics.      

Benno & Linda Wymar International Trade Scholarship  

Established by Dr. Wymar and his wife, Linda, this scholarship is to be given to a deserving student studying Economics at USD. Dr. Wymar is a professor emeritus in the Economics Department with a specialization in international trade.