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Matthew Tysdal

"USD is an institution that really cares about helping its students achieve success."

Matthew Tysdal - Sturgis, SD
Majors:  Economics, Political Science
2011 Alumni

Professor David Carr inspired me to become an economics major. He really had a way of holding my interest during his lectures in the Principles of Microeconomics course.  He made it all sound so interesting that I had to pursue a degree in the field.

USD is an institution that really cares about helping its students achieve success. The support I received from faculty and administration while preparing to compete for the Truman Scholarship was truly remarkable, and left no doubt in my mind that I was at the right school.

In addition to my studies, being part of the College Democrats during the 2008 election was very exciting.  I also had a lot of fun and a great experience when I served as a senator on the Student Government Association.  My best decision, however, was joining the Phi Delta Theta fraternity and spending most of my time in college living in a house full of my best friends.

I am currently working as a Utility Analyst for the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission.  This position gives me the opportunity to apply economic principles to real world situations while serving the people of South Dakota at the same time.

Details of my job include analyzing dockets filed by electric utility companies who want to change their rates and then present my findings to South Dakota's three elected Commissioners.  With this data the Commissioners are able to make an informed vote.  My work ensures that natural monopolies do not take advantage of consumers.

Matthew was awarded the Harry S. Truman Scholarship winner in 2010. He is the 14th University of South Dakota student to win this award. Read the Press Release.