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Honors Opportunities

Honors students are particularly good at using USD's special opportunities to enrich their experience outside of the classroom.

Undergraduate Research:

Many honors students participate in Undergraduate Research. While there are numerous honors students working in traditional scientific laboratories across campus, undergraduate research also takes place in the social sciences, humanities and the fine arts. The results of this work often culminate in Honors Projects and/or public presentations at local, regional or national conferences. Undergraduate research on USD's campus often leverages summer internship opportunities. 

Study Abroad:

Honors Program encourages students to experience a foreign culture. Study Abroad programs and study tours are available to complement your USD class work by focusing on language, culture, history, international business or other areas of specific interest to you. Study at respected universities in places like England, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, China, The Netherlands, Spain and Wales. Honors students make up approximately 1/3 of the USD student who study abroad, but Honors students are only about 8% of the student population!

National Student Exchange:

Honors students also have the opportunity to participate in a National Student Exchange. NSE provides students with affordable and practical opportunities to experience new and diverse settings in which to study and live. NSE students access new academic options, immerse themselves in a different environment, search for graduate schools or future employment, acquire life skills, experience life from a different point of view, and expand their personal and educational perspectives. Students may also study abroad through an NSE campus.

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