Institutional Diversity


Social justice, intercultural awareness and fostering positive relationships are significant reasons why diversity is vital to the campus community at USD. Individuals demonstrating these exceptional characteristics were honored in April 2012 at the Celebration of University Leadership awards program.

The Dream Catcher Award 2013
  Gene Thin Elk
Gene Thin Elk, Director of Native Student Services

The award is presented to an individual or individuals – through deeds or actions – who represent the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., including social justice, equality and the preservation of Dr. King's "dream,"

The Viva la Difference Award 2013
  Mary Lou Christopherson
Mary Lou Christopherson, Program Assistant II for University Housing/Student Life

The award recognizes a Career Services Employee who supports and fosters diversity on the USD campus.

The Rosa Louise Parks Award 2013
  Sasha Ross
Sasha Ross, Student from Vermillion, S.D.

The award is presented to a student who contributes to intercultural awareness, supports diverse activities and demonstrates positive interactions with others.

Prior Year Awards:
Dream Catcher
  • 2012:  Cori Bazemore, Admissions Counselor & Multicultural Recruiter
  • 2011:  Lana Svien, Professor & Chair, Dept. of Physical Therapy
  • 2010:  Jacquie Lonning, Coordinator - Center for Academic Engagement
  • 2009:  Barry Vickrey, Dean of the School of Law
  • 2008:  Roberta (Bobbe) Hakl, Director - Equal Opportunity  
  • 2007:  Barb Yutrzenka, Dept. of Psychology
  • 2007:  Jerry Yutrzenka, School of Medicine, Div. of Basic Biomedical Sciences
  • 2006:  Chuck Swick, TRIO Programs
The Viva la Difference
  • 2012:  Ruth Hessman, Senior Secretary, Dept. of Chemistry
  • 2011:  Marcia Harnois, Program Assistant, Depts. of Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy
  • 2010:  Linda Anderson, Senior Secretary - Academic Advising 
  • 2009:  Kathy Van Kley, Senior Secretary - Disaster Mental Health Institute
  • 2008:  Jacy Fry, Program Assistant - Academic Affairs
  • 2007:  Pam Jorgenson, Psychology
  • 2006:  Kathy Husby, Addiction Studies
The Rosa Louise Parks
  • 2012: Dakota Soucie
  • 2011:  Marque Snow
  • '2010:  Lonnie Wright
  • 2009:  Terry Liggins
  • 2008:  Alyssa Floyd
  • 2007:  Denise Cassilas
  • 2006:  Cori Bazemore