Institutional Diversity

Quick Facts

The University of South Dakota is engaged in the practice of diversity and inclusiveness.  The following is a quick overview of diversity and inclusiveness initiatives at USD. 

Our Values

Inclusive Excellence (I.E.) is the official USD strategic initiative that guides our community in creating a diverse and inclusive university via our guiding values of respecting, embracing, and practicing diversity and inclusiveness.  

Inclusiveness: USD employs a broad and inclusive definition of diversity and inclusiveness including disability, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, race/ethnicity, nationality, veteran status, and other important social dimensions that are part of the campus community. 

Academic Integrity Pledge: "As students, faculty, and staff of The University of South Dakota, we strive to maintain integrity in word, work, and conduct. We agree to represent all work honestly, to abide by the professional and ethical standards of each discipline and foster an academic environment that embraces diversity and inclusion".

Diversity and Inclusiveness Statement: The work of diversity and inclusiveness is guided by the University of South Dakota's values as outlined in the Diversity and Inclusiveness Statement.

Intercultural Learning Opportunities

Voices of Discovery Intergroup Dialogue Program consists of small group discussions between groups representing different races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, ability status, economic status, gender identities, and many other student social dimensions found on campus.

Multicultural Leadership Retreat is held each fall semester with the objective of training students to be leaders in a diverse society and world. 

Annual Diversity Symposium is held each spring semester consisting of speakers and workshops on diversity and inclusiveness.

South Dakota Cultural Cognizance Tour is held each spring semester exposing USD faculty and staff to the historical, spiritual, political, social, and cultural dynamics of Native Americans in South Dakota.

Annual Red Road Gathering is held each fall semester and provides participants with a compassionate healing environment through culturally-based information and support activities.

Diverse Student Organizations 
  • Spectrum: Gender and Sexuality Alliance
  • Union of African American Students
  • Association for the Advancement of Women's Rights
  • Latino Student Association
  • Asian American Student Association
  • Students for Inclusive Excellence
  • Tiospaye Native American Student Council
  • Outlaws: LGBTIQ Law School Organization
  • Students of Color in Psychology
  • Women in Law
  • Native American Law Students Association
  • Black Law Students
  • Ally Student Group
  • International Student Association
  • African Student Association
  • Muslim Student Society 
Diversity Offices, Centers and Services
  • Native American Cultural Center
  • Disability Services
  • Office for Diversity
  • Student Veterans Resource Center
  • Native Student Advisor
  • International Student Advisor
  • Multicultural Advisor/Center for Academic and Career Planning
  • Student Athlete Success Center
  • Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
  • Center for Academic and Global Engagement-Study Abroad
  • Sanford School of Medicine Indians Into Medicine Transfer Program (INMED) Satellite Office
Campus Diversity Committees 
  • President's Council on Diversity and Inclusiveness
  • Provost's Committee on African American Student Success
  • Diversity Health Affairs Committee
  • School of Law Diversity Working Group
  • Sanford School of Medicine Diversity Planning Committee
  • College of Fine Arts Inclusive Excellence Committee
  • College of Arts and Sciences Diversity Across the Curriculum Committee
  • University Libraries Inclusive Excellence Committee
  • Civil Service Advisory Council
  • School of Education Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Committee
  • School of Health Sciences' Cultural Competence Committee
  • School of Business Inclusive Excellence Committee
Academic Programs 
  • Native Studies Program
  • Women and Gender Studies
  • Gerontology
  • International Studies
  • Latin American Studies
  • Language Studies-Spanish, German, Lakota, French, Latin
  • Sustainability Program 
Outreach/Recruitment Initiatives
  • Building Bridges Conference
  • Multicultural Leadership Summit for High School Students
  • Indian University of North America
  • Upward Bound
  • Multicultural Student Recruiter/Office of Admissions
  • Native American High School Visit Weekend
  • Native Alumni Recognition Dinner
  • American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)
  • INMED Satellite Office
  • SSOM Native  American Scholars Program (NASP)
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)
  • Healthcare Career Summer Camp
  • USD Wacipi
  • The Oscar Howe Summer Art Institute
  • The Oscar Howe Curatorial Fellowships and the Northern Plains Indian Artist Residency
  • SD Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network- Lawrence Brothers Science Camp& Research Apprentice Program.

American Indian Research Project/S.D. Oral History Center
Oscar Howe Art Gallery
Center for Teaching and Learning
Enrollment staticstics by Gender, Race/Ethnicity and Nationality