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Tuition and Fees by Major

Four-Year (120 hours) Program Tuition & Fees

The table below provides South Dakota with an estimate of tuition and fees for each major, based on a four-year program (120 hours) at 2014-2015 rates. A program guide outlining each field's curriculum, is available by clicking on a field of study.

Room and board, books and other living and incidental expenses are in addition to the costs listed. Estimates for on-campus housing, meal plans and books are available through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Other factors may impact estimated costs such as additional required courses, change of majors, and tuition and fee increases in future years approved by the Board of Regents. Please consult with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for assistance.

Additional Information:


Field of Study | Program Guide
Total Four-Year Program
Cost for Tuition & Fees
(120 hrs)*
College of Arts and Sciences  
Anthropology (B.A.) $32,267
Anthropology (B.S.) $32,512
Biology - Conservation and Biodiversity (B.S.) $33,275
Biology - Physiology, Cell and Molecular (B.S.) $33,539
Chemistry - American Chemical Society (ACS) (B.S.) $35,614
Chemistry - Coordinate (B.S.) $35,148
Communication Sciences and Disorders (B.A.)  $28,337
Communication Sciences and Disorders (B.S.) $33,279
Communication Studies (B.A.) $32,267
Communication Studies (B.S.) $27,853
Computer Science (B.A.) $33,634
Computer Science (B.S.) $34,036
Criminal Justice (B.A.) $32,267
Criminal Justice (B.S.) $32,534
Earth Science (B.S.) $31,923
Economics (B.A.) $33,387
Economics (B.S.) $33,607
English (B.A.) $32,267
English (B.A., Creative Writing) $32,267
English (B.S.) $32,711
English (B.S., Creative Writing) $32,132
French (B.A.) $32,267
German (B.A.) $32,200
History (B.A.) $32,267
History (B.S.) $32,644
International Studies (B.A.) $32,267
Mathematics (B.S.) $33,709
Media & Journalism (B.A., Journalism)
Media & Journalism (B.S., Journalism)
Media & Journalism (B.A., Strategic Communication)
Media & Journalism (B.S., Strategic Communication)
Medical Biology (B.S.)
Native Studies (B.A.) $32,267
Native Studies (B.A., Lakota Language) $32,267
Native Studies (B.A., Oceti Sakowim Oyate Studies) $32,267
Philosophy (B.A.) $32,267
Philosophy (B.S.) $32,644
Physics (B.S.)  $35,913
Political Science (B.A.)  $32,267
Political Science (B.S.)  $32,534
Psychology (B.A.) $32,380
Psychology (B.S.) $32,581
Sociology (B.A.) $32,267
Sociology (B.S.) $32,666
Spanish (B.A.) $32,267
Sustainability (B.A., Natural Sciences) $32,549
Sustainability (B.S., Natural Sciences) $32,760
Sustainability (B.A., Social Sciences) $32,605
Sustainability (B.S., Social Sciences) $32,760
Beacom School of Business  
Accounting (B.B.A.) $34,332
Business Administration (B.B.A.)
Economics (B.B.A.) $34,246
Finance (B.B.A.) $34,246
Health Services Administration (B.B.A.) $34,332
Human Resources Management (B.B.A.) $34,246
Management (B.B.A.) $30,665
Marketing (B.B.A.) $34,246

School of Education  
Elementary Education (B.S.Ed.)  $32,738
Elementary Education & Early Childhood Emphasis (B.S.Ed.)  $34,331
Elementary Education & Kindergarten Education Emphasis (B.S.Ed.)  $32,690
Elementary & Special Education (B.S.Ed.)  $34,774
Kinesiology (Exercise Science) (B.S.) $32,652
Kinesiology (Sport Management) (B.S.) $32,596
Secondary Education & Biology Education (B.S.Ed.) $33,675
Secondary Education & English Education (B.S.Ed.) $32,122
Secondary Education & History Education (B.S.Ed.) $32,925
Secondary Education & Mathematics Education (B.S.Ed.) $33,642
Secondary Education & Physical Education (B.S.Ed.)$33,925
Secondary Education & Spanish Education (B.S.Ed.) $32,254
Secondary Education & Speech Communication Education (B.S.Ed.) $33,089

College of Fine Arts  
Art (B.F.A.) $31,878
Art Education (B.F.A.) $33,197
Music Education (B.M.) $36,207
Music Performance (B.M.) $33,409
Music (B.M.A.) $32,607
Theatre (B.F.A., Acting) $32,787
Theatre (B.F.A., Design/Technology)  $32,549
Theatre (B.F.A., Musical Theatre)   $32,160
Theatre (B.F.A., Theatre) $32,718

School of Health Sciences  
Addiction Studies (B.S.) $32,000
Dental Hygiene (B.S.) $39,135
Health Sciences (B.S.) $37,789
Medical Laboratory Science (B.S.) $33,039
Nursing (B.S.N.) $37,987
Social Work (B.S.) $36,174


* Based on 2014-15 Tuition and Fees. Other factors may impact estimated costs such as additional required courses, change of majors, and tuition and fee increases in future years approved by the Board of Regents