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Internet Fraud [Hoaxes & Scams]
posted: 04/15/2005    updated: 08/17/2009    expired: 08/15/2009
Learn more about online fraud, identity theft and "phishing"

There is an ever increasing amount of online fraud occurring in the US. One common form of identity theft involves using “social engineering” techniques is known as “phishing”. Typically when someone is engaged in phishing they will send SPAM e-mail out to a large number of addresses in hopes of stealing financial and identity information from unsuspecting users. Phishing e-mails have become very sophisticated and often are difficult to distinguish from legitimate communication from real financial institutions.

One common thread often used is the attempt to direct the user to log in and “verify” personal and/or account information. Phishing messages attempt to create urgency to do this as soon as possible to avoid consequences.

Many financial institutions have created warnings to help protect their customers from becoming victims of phishing and other scams. Below are some examples.

Bank of the West
Wells Fargo
CorTrust Bank

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