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Password E-mail Phishing Scams [Hoaxes & Scams]
posted: 01/08/2010    updated: 02/16/2010    expired: 02/15/2010
There are currently multiple variations of email phishing scams requesting your password. The ITS Help Desk, will not at any time ask that you send your password via email.

Your password is in place for your protection, and should not be shared with anyone at any time. Additional personal information may also be requested in these emails such as the information listed below :
• Name
• Username
• E-mail Address
• Date of Birth
• Address
• City

Please do not reply to these messages or follow any of the links provided in these messages at all. They should be disregarded and deleted when you receive them. Any time you receive emails of a suspicious nature, please forward them directly to the Help Desk to verify their validity.

Please know that the ITS Help Desk makes a point to communicate with our customers in a professional manner at all times, and will always include an appropriate signature line that includes our direct contact information.

If you have replied to these emails with the requested information, please change your password immediately at .

For suggestions on creating a new strong password please go to .

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Help Desk. You may submit requests online at

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University of South Dakota
Toll Free: 877.255.0027
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