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Explanation of Outages for Mailboxes A-F the week of May 8th [Announcements]
posted: 05/23/2011    expired: 06/06/2011
On Sunday, May 8th, ITS physically moved much of our core networking and server infrastructure to the new machine room. This move required powering all equipment off, physically moving it to a new location; reconnecting and powering it back on. The faculty/staff Exchange email system was one of the core systems moved on the 9th. The Exchange email system is composed of 8 servers and the associated storage devices.

The move went as planned except one of the servers containing mailboxes A-F did not come back online properly. There were approximately 600 mailboxes (29%) affected. The ITS staff worked night and day to correct the problem. This process included multiple, iterative steps, many of which took many hours each to complete. The long time frames were mainly due to the large amount of email data involved, over 590 GBs.

Some affected mailboxes were back to normal as early as Tuesday morning, while other individuals had to rely on Outlook Web Access for much of the week. The issue was completely resolved by 2PM Saturday, May 15th.

We wanted to share these details with you, and to express our thanks for your patience and understanding. Email communication is a mission critical service. We know that these issues caused stress and disrupted important functions. We will evaluate this event carefully, and use all that we have learned to help prevent this from occurring in the future.

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