Beacom Business
Enhancing Student Learning
Pr i vate G i fts G i ve Compet i t i ve Edge
Students at the University of South Dakota’s
Beacom School of Business are learning the value of
private giving as they benefit from scholarship support,
top-rated faculty and program enhancements. The
Beacom School of Business has for many years been
competing with larger and more well-known schools in
the Division I of business schools–which is called the
AACSB rather than the NCAA. The competition is
stiff and funds are tight.
State funds, tuition and the USD Foundation together
provide our necessary income,” explained Dean Michael
Keller. “We’re a Division I Business School, and just like
an athletic program, remaining competitive takes money.”
Fortunately, private giving plays a major role, filling in
the funding gap if state funds and student tuition and fees
were the only form of income.
We’ve developed three priorities to compete
effectively; scholarships, salary enhancement and
program development,” Keller said.
Traditionally, scholarships have been the primary focus.
The USD Foundation has a long history of ­scholarship
support for Beacom School of Business students, and in
sponsored a successful scholarship challenge, creating
many new endowments. The B School will always need
more scholarships to attract more and better students.
Salary enhancement has proven to be a bit more
challenging, but a few large and noteworthy gifts have given
a boost to this area. The Black Hills Corporation, many of
whose employees are alumni of USD, created an endowment
in 2011 to provide an annual stipend to supplement
accounting professorial salaries. Historically, accounting is
the most competitive department in the school and the most