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Dear All,
Welcome to the second annual USD Law School
electronic Spring/Summer newsletter. We hope you
enjoy it.
Many of you know that the ABA accreditation
site visitation team (the fact-finding team) was in
residence at the law school this spring. I am happy
to report the process is proceeding smoothly. The site
visitation report, however, will not be submitted to the
accreditation committee for evaluation until fall.
Reaccreditation is a consuming process. Illustratively,
the full faculty met 18 times to discuss and consider
draft portions of the self-study between September
2011 and January 2013. By way of further illustration,
the dean’s office staff spent in excess of 2,000 worker
hours from August 2012 through February 2013
conducting due diligence, producing necessary data
and reports and helping host the team. Both bench
and bar were of great assistance. The students were
wonderful. Thank you all.
The reason I mention accreditation here, however, is
to repeat a quote by a student to a third-party facilitator
during a focus group. “I feel like,” the student reportedly
said, “I can leave my footprint here.”
I think the student (who remains anonymous)
captures a real strength of the law school.
Indeed, I believe the quote is insightful; and, it may
be profound. Each of us can leave our footprint here
as a graduate, student, friend or member of the faculty
or staff. And, perhaps, we should more frequently
consider the shape of the footprint we want to leave
here, as elsewhere.
Finally, I am honored, humbled and grateful for
having recently ended my interim deanship by being
hired as “regular” dean. I will make every reasonable
attempt to earn the trust given me. I will work hard.
Even so, all of us understand we won’t always agree on
everything about the law school. This is an uncertain
time for the profession and legal education. We need to
work together to improve legal education. We need to
work together to solve other puzzles of the profession,
justice and economic development. We need to work
together for mutual support and comfort.
Thomas Earl Geu
Dean and Professor of Law
From the Dean
Spring/Summer 2013
Sara Hughes, Editor
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