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For more than 20 years, the John T. Vucurevich Foundation
JTVF) has partnered with the University of South Dakota
Department of Nursing by providing vital financial support to
students enrolled in the program.
John T. Vucurevich, the Foundation’s namesake and
founder, had a deep-seated concern for the less fortunate and
actively supported higher education as a catalyst for financial
independence, community betterment and the development
of future leaders. His legacy is honored with funding
partnerships, priorities and scholarships that make a great
impact on improving the welfare of South Dakota communities,
particularly the West River Black Hills region.
According to Carmen Hansen, program officer for JTVF,
Mr. Vucurevich strongly supported nursing education because
he knew of the dedication, hard work and commitment nurses
had to their community.” As a result of JTVF scholarships, many
USD Nursing students, particularly nontraditional students, have
successfully graduated and gone on to financial independence and
becoming contributing members in the community—all while
juggling family and parental responsibilities.
Sandy Diegel, executive director of JTVF, said the
scholarships go a long way toward providing peace of mind for
such students.
John T. Vucurevich Foundation
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These scholarships help with living expenses such as day
care or transportation that reduces stress for the students so they
can complete their education,” she said.
Scholarship recipients have expressed similar sentiments
through letters of gratitude. One recipient wrote, “I hope to
make a difference in our community in a way as meaningful as
your scholarship has for me [and] this scholarship is instrumental
in assisting my family with the financial assistance necessary to
continue my schooling.”
Another recipient stated, “The money will help more than
you can know; as my family and I subsist on a single income so
that I can focus on school. I shall never forget what my work as a
nurse and as a USD student means to this community.”
Yet another expressed a commitment to community
betterment, saying, “I will do my best to be an outstanding
representation of your support and do all within my circle of
influences to uphold your motto ‘to make a piece of the world a
brighter place.’”
USD Nursing is honored to be able to partner with JTVF to
augment the success of nursing students in South Dakota. •
for more information.