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A new dimension in nursing education came to the Department of Nursing’s
Vermillion campus as renovations were completed in the lower level of Julian Hall.
The project, which began in June 2011 and was completed in time for the arrival
of students that September, added an all-new clinical simulation facility to campus:
The Nursing Center for Simulation and Instruction.
The center features three simulation suites—areas designed to mimic a real
clinical setting—which are equipped with mannequins that can exhibit a variety
of symptoms to which students react. First-year nursing students use the center as
a foundational component of their core experience. From taking blood pressure to
starting an I.V. to putting in various tubes and dressing changes, the center serves as
the hub in which the students will learn all of their lab skills.
It’s been a huge learning opportunity for our students,” said Kathy Magorian,
M.S.N., assistant professor of nursing and director of the Vermillion campus.
When a pilot is in training, students spend hundreds of hours in simulation before
they’re allowed in the cockpit of a real plane, and what we do as nurses is every bit
as important when it comes to caring for human lives.”
According to Magorian, simulation has become an increasingly important
component of nursing education nationwide. She noted that 25 percent of USD
Nursing students’ clinical hours are devoted to simulation exercises. Such efforts are
designed to allow students to learn vital skills in a safe environment that allows for
the type of trial-and-error learning that is impossible in an actual clinical setting.
Students are a little bit freer to make decisions, which may or may not be
the best decisions,” said Magorian. “In the clinical area, we absolutely can’t let that
happen. We would step in and prevent anything from going down the wrong path.
But sometimes, that’s the best learning experience, and we can achieve that through
simulation scenarios.”
Magorian said that future goals include progression toward “high-fidelity”
simulation, which incorporates videotaping of simulated scenarios and the inclusion
of more sophisticated mannequins, which can provide students with even deeper
levels of immersion into their simulated clinical experiences. •
Renovations Bring New Simulation
Facilities to Vermillion Campus
USD Nursing Briefs
In the fall of 2011, several USD Nursing students and faculty members participated in Pierre’s
Project Connect event. Designed to link homeless and low-income individuals and families with
community services and resources, the event also provided an opportunity to deliver health-related
education. Nursing students provided important information regarding dental care, blood pressure
control and other critical health topics. •
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