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The University of South Dakota’s Nursing
Program has unveiled a mobile simulation unit
MSU) featuring cutting-edge technology. The
MSU was utilized for the first time Jan. 25, 2012 in
Waconia, Minn.
Simulation provides nursing students a way
to practice dealing with critical situations before
dealing with real patients,” stated faculty member
Barbara Stolle, R.N., M.S. The MSU resembles
mobile medical clinics or mobile diagnostic units and
will be used to provide simulated clinical learning
In addition to containing all of the technology
used in a smart classroom and state-of-the-art
equipment found in any modern simulation unit,
including mannequins that talk, cough, produce
heartbeats and breathe, the MSU also features video
recording devices and a flat screen viewing monitor
in a multi-purpose debriefing area resembling a
waiting room. The recording and viewing equipment
allows students an opportunity to view a live feed of
the simulation or review recordings to examine their
performance and enhance learning.
USD Nursing Launches
Mobile Simulation Unit
In the spring of 2012, Pierre campus faculty provided a
special session for the local Women in Science Conference.
Designed for middle and high school girls, the Women in
Science Conference provides an opportunity to explore a variety
of science-based career options. Pierre faculty delivered popular
hands-on sessions demonstrating the exciting opportunities
associated with a career in nursing. Students also received
important information about high school and college course
work, job opportunities and future professional growth. •
Faculty Organize
Women in Science