| USD Nursing
Homer Lee Greer was named
Outstanding Student Nurse at the
New Mexico Center for Nursing
Excellence Awards in Albuquerque, N.M.
Lee is a nurse tech and certified nursing
assistant in the adult intensive care
unit (ICU) for Presbyterian Healthcare
Services in downtown Albuquerque and
is in his third semester of the University
of South Dakota’s nursing program
in conjunction with “Presbyterian’s
Pathways to Nursing.” Two of his clinical
instructors, Brenda Grimmer, M.S. and
Denai Forrest, M.S., nominated him
because he has distinguished himself
through leadership, high standards of
practice and commitment.
Distance Student Recognized
for Nursing Excellence
USD Nursing Briefs
In response to a desire to promote rural economic
development through the support of education, the Matson,
Halverson, Christiansen, Hamilton (MHCH) Foundation has
forged an innovative partnership with USD Nursing and Sanford
Medical Center Chamberlain. Through this initiative, known
as Prairie Futures, students interested in becoming registered
nurses can obtain their degrees. Each member of the partnership,
along with Capital University Center in Pierre, plays a key role in
promoting student success.
The first cohort of students began taking general education
courses in the fall of 2010 toward the associate of science degree
through USD. The MHCH Foundation plays a critical role
during the pre-nursing phase of the student experience through
its involvement in the formation of communities of learning.
Examples of assistive services provided through the project
include coaching, mentoring and facilitation of tutoring. As
a result of MHCH’s efforts, non-traditional students receive
Prairie Futures: An Innovative
Nursing Education Collaboration
crucial support that enhances their ability to be successful in
their educational endeavors.
In fall 2011, the first cohort of students was accepted to
the USD Nursing Pierre Campus. Students receive the theory
portion of the program through a combination of face-to-face
classes in Pierre and online modalities, with much of the clinical
portion of the program being delivered at Sanford Chamberlain
Medical Center. In addition to the provision of clinical space,
Sanford Chamberlain staff members serve as clinical faculty and
provide administrative services such as test proctoring.
Through the commitment of all partners and tremendous
support from people and businesses in the Chamberlain area,
students who may not have had access to higher education now
have the opportunity to achieve their long-term career goals. The
impact of this initiative on the students, their families and the
community will be felt for years to come. •
Lee’s leadership is evident at work,
at school and in the community. He
created a resource list for an out-of-state
family member of a patient who was
dying of cancer to help during her stay in
Albuquerque, has initiated training plans
for medical technicians new to the adult
ICU and has facilitated and participated
in a virtual study group with other
When not at work or school, this
outstanding student nurse volunteers
for the Roadrunner Food Bank, the
American Lung Association and the
American Cancer Center. •