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For the second year running, the University of South Dakota School of Health Sciences recognized faculty
and student achievement in research during its Health Sciences Research Day on April 19, 2013.
The event featured presentations and posters from every department within the school, and was headlined by
a keynote address from Moses Ikiugu, Ph.D., professor of occupational therapy at USD.
“We were proud to get the ball rolling last year with our first-ever Health Sciences Research Day and I could
not be happier at the sustained positive response to this year’s event,” said Michael Lawler, Ph.D., M.S.W., dean of
the School of Health Sciences.
In addition to the posters and presentations, the event served to recognize four faculty members for service,
teaching and research excellence. Kathy Jorgensen received the Outstanding Faculty Award for Distinguished
Service. Will Schweinle was presented with the Faculty Research Achievement Award. Dona Kennealley and
Beverly Kennedy each received the Outstanding Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence.
Faculty Research Achievement Award:
Will Schweinle, Ph.D., P.A. Studies Program faculty member
Professor Schweinle has done much to help elevate scholarship in the
School of Health Sciences. Through serving as a mentor and collaborator,
he has shared his understanding of research design, methods and statistics
with many academicians. He teaches Seminar in Robust Statistics to faculty,
which has helped many learn and apply new techniques of statistical
methods to their existing datasets. Professor Schweinle possesses a long
and impressive record of research and serves as chair of the IRB committee.
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