South Dakotan MD Spring-Summer 2013 - page 36

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Dr. Jeffery and Bridget Hottman
Dr. William Howard
Dr. David Howe
Dr. Gene and Gloria Hoyme
Dr. Joel and Donna Huber
Dr. Dennis and Anne Hulm
Dr. Donald Humphreys
Dr. Stephen and Barbara Hunt
Dr. Joseph and Mary Huppmann
Inland Northwest Community Foundation
Dr. Barry and Marjean Irons
Dr. Sandra Jassmann Polster and Dr. David Polster
Dr. Daniel and Carolyn Johnson
Dr. Bradley and Deborah Johnson
Dr. Larry and Letitia Johnson
Dr. Neil Karjalainen
Robert Karlen
Ruth Karlen
Dr. Elizabeth and Jack Kaufman
Dr. Koren Kaye
Dr. Frances Kelsey
Dr. Roger and Carol Klein
Dr. Roger and Janice Knutsen
Dr. Michael and Mary Koch
Dr. Kenyon and Ina Kramer
Dorothy Krob
Dr. Kim Kurvink
Randall and Rachel Lamfers
Dr. Eric and Elizabeth Lang
Dr. Richard and Betty Lange
Dr. Eric and Jennifer Larson
Brandon LaSalle and Dr. Nita Ellis
Dr. Stuart and Muriel Leafstedt
Dr. Emma Ledbetter
Dr. M.Y. Lee
Dr. Clark and Geraldine Likness
Dr. Keith Lillemoe and Dr. Cheryl Lillemoe
Dr. Josette Lindahl and Dr. Ronald Lindahl
Dr. Buron and Karen Lindbloom
Dr. Loren and Christy Little
Peter and Elizabeth Lommen
Dr. John and Jennifer Looby
Lulu B. Wheeler Trust
Dr. Raymond and Donna Maas
Dr. David Maddox
Jordan Makela
Dr. Joseph Malters and Kathryn Kirk-Malters
Dr. William Manahan
Dr. Finley and Jean Marshall
Dr. Jennifer May and Dr. Stephan Miller
Dr. James and Christine McGrann
Dr. Douglas McManus
Dr. Michael and Ellen McVay
Dr. Mark and Amy Meyer
Dr. John and Marcia Miner
Robin Miskimins, Ph.D.
Dr. Joseph and Joyce Mlinar
Dr. Mark and Karen Mogen
Helen and H. Moors
Dr. Sam and Karen Mortimer
Dr. Jeffrey and Sharla Mundhenke
Dr. Gerald Murphy
Joyce Nelson
Dr. Mary Nettleman and Scott Maxwell
Dr. Harry and Nancy Nicholson
Dr. Dennis and Patricia Nolan
Dr. John Norris
Dr. James and Marilyn Nyberg
Kathy and David Okeson
Dr. Mary Jo and Dennis Olson
Dr. Henry and Pam Oster
Dr. Susan and Peter Ostrowski
Dr. Peter and Marianna Overgaard
Dr. Tanya Oyos and Dr. Steven Lillehaug
Dr. John Palecek
Dr. Anastasios Pappas
Dr. Rodney and Ruth Parry
Keith Paterson
Richard and Joyce Paterson
Dr. George Paulson and Dr. Ruth Paulson
Dr. Douglas and Sandra Pay
Dr. Nathan and Kerry Pearlman
Dr. Daniel and Jean Petereit
Dr. Craig Piquette and Dr. Nancy VanderSluis
Dr. Michael and Karen Pochop
Dr. Kelly and Teresa Pomerenke
Dr. Richard and Marlys Porter
Chad and Jeanette Porter
John and Penny Porter
Marlene Powell
Julie Prusa
Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
Dr. Deanna Questad
Rapid City Medical Center
Rapid City Regional Hospital
Rapid City Regional Hospital Foundation
Dr. Ryan and Heather Rathjen
Regional Health, Inc.
Dr. David and Debra Reinke
Dr. John and Lisa Reinschmidt
Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Pamela and Robert Rezac
Dr. Bruce and Kathleen Richardson
Dr. Timothy Ridgway and Mary Pat Wright
Dr. Jonathan Roach
Dr. Anita Robinson and Dr. G. Kutteruf
Dr. Donald Rodawig
Dr. Paul and Janice Rud
Dr. Peter and Colleen Russell
Dr. David and Adrienne Ruud
Dr. Patricia Safavi and Dr. Kayvon Safavi
Dr. Robert and Patricia Salisbury
Dr. David and Linda Sandvik
T. Denny Sanford
Sanford Health
Sanford Health Foundation
Sanford Medical Center Medical Staff
Dr. John and Amy Schmitz
Dr. Richard and Therese Schroeckenstein
Molly Schulte
Dr. Leon and Penny Schwartz
Dr. Daniel and Lisa Scott
Alvin Scott
Dr. Joseph and Elaine Sejvar
Seventh District Medical Society
Dr. Aaron and Deanna Shives
Dr. Angela Shreves and Gary Spadafore
Dr. Alan and Harriet Shumacher
Dr. Matthew and Lynn Simmons
Connie and Monte Simon
Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation
Sixth District Medical Society
Dr. John and Jacalyn Slingsby
Fred and Sandra Slunecka
Dr. Robert Smith
Dr. Timothy and Elizabeth Soundy
Dr. Barbara and William Spears
Dr. Patricia Speidel and Dr. Paul Speidel
Dawn and Jacob Stahl
Dr. Julie Stevens
Dr. Kathleen Stevens
Dr. Jeffrey Swenson
The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society
Dr. Heidi Thorson
Dr. Gary and Gena Timmerman
Dr. Robert and Julie Timmerman
Timothy and Kathleen Tracy
Virginia Tracy
Roy and Laura Turner
University Physicians
Dr. Robert and Marilyn Van Demark
Dr. Joel and Molly Vanderiet
Dr. Thuy-Lieu Vo
Dr. H. Bruce and Judy Vogt
Dr. Steven and Mary Waller
Dr. Lonnie Waltner
Dr. Karl and Margaret Cash Wegner
Dr. Stephen and Nancy Weller
Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Dr. Vernon and Janet Westberg
Western Providers Physician Organization
Dr. Katherine and Joseph Whitfield
Sandra and Wayne Wiese
Dr. Jon and Gail Wingert
Dr. John and Rosemary Wood
Dr. Donald and Loyce Wright
Yankton Medical Clinic
Dr. James and Linda Young
Jason Yuan
Dr. Candace Zeigler and Dr. David Zeigler
Dr. Carol Zielike and Thomas Graslie
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