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The USD Archaeology Laboratory (ARCHLAB) is the research facility of the Anthropology program at USD. ARCHLAB was organized in 1976 and approved as a research unit of USD by the Board of Regents in 1977.

Since its establishment, ARCHLAB has been active in research about the human prehistory of the Great Plains region and education of students and the public about archaeology. Located on USD's campus in East Hall, ARCHLAB is comprised of laboratories, curation facilities, a specialized library, a wet lab, field equipment and field storage lockers. 

Our Mission is Twofold
  1. To learn about the ancient human past of the Northern Plains region, especially the eastern part of South Dakota and adjacent regions by conducting faculty sponsored field and laboratory research.
  2. To educate students and the general public about the importance of archaeology, its methods, and the archaeology of the region as a part of the Liberal Arts mission of the institution.
Our Objectives Are:
  1. To develop and conduct programs of research exploring the prehistory of the region.
  2. To develop and conduct programs that educate university students in the methods of archaeological data recovery, organization and analysis.
  3. To develop and conduct educational programs for the general public about region's past.

ARCHLAB faculty consists of three Ph.D. archaeologists and numerous student assistants, and often engages in interdisciplinary research conducted in cooperation with specialists such as geomorphologists, biologists, and others, utilizing the expertise of our faculty and that of specialists from other disciplines and institutions.

Field Schools

ARCHLAB runs an annual field school to train students in archaeological methods; field schools are often made part of the faculty research projects. In addition, USD ARCHLAB participates in a number of public education programs involving presentations to civic groups and a middle school archaeology program.

Upcoming Field School in Peru
Field School in Peru Documentary

ContactUs  For Additional Information
L. E. Bradley, Professor
(605) 677-5402