College of Arts & Sciences Anthropology

David Posthumus

David Posthumus
Assistant Professor
Anthropology, College of Arts & Sciences
UE East Hall 309
Phone: 605-677-7251
Teaching Interests:
Sociocultural and linguistic anthropology, Native Studies, anthropology of religion and ritual, ethnohistory, history of anthropology/anthropological theory, Native North America, Lakota, ethnicity and identity
Research Interests:
Historical and contemporary Lakota religion and ritual, ethnohistory, and language
  • MA, Anthropology, Indiana University, 2011
  • BA, Interdisciplinary Humanities, Michigan State University, 2007
Awards and Honors:
  • David C. Skomp Summer Research Feasibility Study Award, Indiana University, Bloomington, 2014
  • College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Travel Award, Indiana University, Bloomington, 2013
  • Student Travel Grant, American Society for Ethnohistory, 2013
  • Posthumus, D. (2013, November). "Contemporary Identity at Pine Ridge Reservation: Being Oglala in 2013". Presented at the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.
  • Posthumus, D. (2013, September). "Proselytization andn Tradition: Oglala Lakota Religious Resurgence". Presented at the American Society for Ethnohistory Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.
  • Posthumus, D. (2012, November). "Hereditary Enemies? Sioux-Arikara Relations to 1815". Presented at the American Society for Ethnohistory Annual Meeting, Springfield, MO.
  • Posthumus, D. (2012, May). "The Lakota Language Project (LLP)". Presented at the Maple Leaf and Eagle Conference, Helsinki, Finland.