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Erliang Zeng

Erliang Zeng
Assistant Professor
Biology, College of Arts & Sciences
UCL Churchill-Haines Labs 171D
Phone: 605-677-6335
I am an assistant professor at USD with joint appointment to the Department of Biology and the Department of Computer Science. I received advanced degrees in both biological and computer sciences. After a post-doc at the University of Miami, I joined the research faculty of the University of Notre Dame (ND). Prior to taking the tenure track position at USD in 2014, I was a research assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at ND, and the managing director of ND bioinformatics core facility.
Teaching Interests:
Bioinformatics, Computational Systems Biology, Biostatistics, Algorithm, Data Mining, Data Structure, Programing Language.
Research Interests:
I am recruiting post-doctoral associates, graduate (both PhD and Master levels) and undergraduate students. If you are interested in doing research in bioinformatics, computational systems biology, and biological data mining, and are interested in joining my group, please email me. If you are already on USD campus, welcome to stop by. The research interests of my group are in the general areas of bioinformatics, computational systems biology, and biological big data mining. My lab is a dry lab, and we collaborate with several web labs. Currently, work of my group focuses on developing and applying algorithms and computational tools for analyzing high-throughput biological data including next-generation sequencing data, metagenomics data, SNPs data, and many more. The research projects of my group are related to functional genomic data analysis, comparative genomics analysis, biological big data mining, gene expression data analysis, promoter sequence data analysis, protein-protein interaction data mining, functional gene network analysis, and biological ontology data mining.
  • Ph D, Computer Science, Florida International University, 2008
  • MS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2001
  • BS, Biotechnology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 1998
  • Bioinformatic Development for Mining Genomic Patterns Corresponding for Ecological Adapting through Massive Microbial Whole Genome Sequences, Office of Research, University of Notre Dame, (2013 - 2014)
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Awards and Honors:
  • Faculty Research Support Program Award, University of Notre Dame, 2013
  • Dissertation Year Fellowship, Florida International University, 2008
  • Excellence Award, Florida International University, 2007
  • Presidential Fellowship, Florida International University, 2003
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  • Zeng, E. (2014, October). Interpret Large Genomic Data Using Data Mining & Computational Systems Biology Approaches. Presented at the Fall Seminar Series, USD Sanford School of Medicine, Vermillion, SD.
  • Zeng, E. (2014, September). Mining Massive Genomic Data to Understand Microbial Functions. Presented at the Fall Seminar Series - Invited Speaker, SDSU Department of Plant Science, USDA-ARS North Central Agricultural Research Laboratory, Brookings, SD.
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