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Andrew Sykes

Andrew Sykes
Chemistry, College of Arts & Sciences
UCL Churchill-Haines Labs 107
Phone: 605-677-5487
Teaching Interests:
General Chemistry Honors General Chemistry (CHEM 116) Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 452) Adv Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 752) Solid-State Chemistry and Crystallography (CHEM 722)
Research Interests:
Fluorescence Sensors, Inorganic Chemistry, Single-Crystal X-ray Crystallography
  • Ph D, Inorganic Chemistry, University of Minnesota, 1990
  • MS, Chemistry, Montana State University, 1985
  • BS, Chemistry, St Lawrence University, 1982
  • Mariappan, K., Sykes, A., Selective fluorescence sensing of Copper(II) via controllable, Cu(II)-catalyzed hydrolysis vs. oxidation pathways in aqueous acetonitrile mixtures, American Chemical Society.
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  • Han, Y., Lin, C., Meng, Q., Dai, F., Sykes, A., Berry, M., May, S., (2014), (BMI)3LnCl6 crystals as models for the coordination environment of LnCl3 (Ln = Sm, Eu, Dy, Er, Yb) in 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride ionic-liquid solution., Inorganic chemistry, vol. 53, iss. 11, pp. 5494-501. (DOI: 10.1021/ic500101x)
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