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Admission into our graduate program is gained by application to the Graduate SchoolIf you are an international student, please see the Graduate School International Admissions information.

M.S. Program of Study

Ph.D. Program of Study

Ph.D. candidates will earn a master's in chemistry either prior to starting our Ph.D. program, or will earn a master's (M.S.) en route to the degree. Before receiving a M.S. in chemistry at USD, students are required to pass four subdiscipline standardized exams in chemistry.  Passage of these exams satisfies the requirement for passing “background exams.”


The heart of our Graduate Program lies in laboratory Research leading to the publication of a thesis or dissertation. Graduate students also have the opportunity to present their research findings at a variety of regional and national meetings.

All recent instrumentation acquisitions in the department are available to student researchers.

Financial Support

Graduate assistantships are available ($11,000-$30,000) on a competitive basis. Applications for assistantships are available from the Department of Chemistry. Awarding of teaching assistantships is based on:

  • Availability
  • Ability to communicate well in oral/written English
  • Satisfactory performance in course work

ContactUs  For questions regarding admission into our graduate programs
Ranjit Koodali, Associate Professor
(605) 677-6189