College of Arts & Sciences Chemistry

Haoran Sun

Haoran Sun
Assistant Professor
Chemistry, College of Arts & Sciences
UPL Pardee Laboratory 315
Phone: 605-677-7284
Teaching Interests:
Organic Chemistry, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Spectroscopic Analysis
Research Interests:
The goal of our research is to provide tools for and insights into two technologically important problems: energy conversion and drug development. One of our strategies is to utilize the unique properties of organofluorine compounds as tools for improving materials properties and function. We welcome talents at all levels--undergraduates, graduates, postdocs, and visiting scholars--to join us in solving energy and medicinal problems faced by our society. Our research program provides comprehensive training for students in the fields of organic, fluorine, and materials chemistry. Aiming to their future success, students working in our group will gain practical experience in synthesis, separation, and characterization of small organic molecules, polymers, and metal nanoparticles. You will find more information about our research on our group webpage at Please feel free to email me if you have difficulty to view the website.
  • Ph D, Chemistry, Jilin University, 1996
  • BS, Chemistry, Jilin University, 1990
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