College of Arts & Sciences Chemistry

Joseph Vitt

Joseph Vitt
Associate Professor
Chemistry, College of Arts & Sciences
UCL Churchill-Haines Labs 112
Phone: 605-677-6185
  • Ph D, Analytical Chemistry, Iowa State University, 1991
  • BS, Chemistry, Saint John's University, 1987
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  • Vitt, J., Ma, L., Johnson, D. C., (2000), Rotating Ring-Disk Study of the Oscillating Electrochemical Reaction of Iodide at Gold, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, vol. 492, pp. 70-73.
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  • DeWitt, K., Berry, M., Koppang, M., Vitt, J., Earl, G., Weisshaar, D. (2010, April). Bringing Authentic Research into the General Chemistry Laboratory Curriculum: Northern Plains Undergraduate Research Center. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the South Dakota Academy of Science, Spearfish, SD.