College of Arts & Sciences Chemistry

Kadarkaraisamy Mariappan

Kadal Mariappan
Chemistry, College of Arts & Sciences
UCL Churchill-Haines Labs 107
Phone: 605-677-6191
Teaching Interests:
General Chemistry, Organic & Biochemistry 100 level courses. Organic chemistry 200 level courses.
Research Interests:
1. Synthesis and Characterization of Metal complexes. 2. Coordination polymers 3. Developing luminescent metal ion sensors
  • Ph D, Inorganic Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology. Delhi., 2000
  • MS, General Chemistry, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, 1995
  • BS, General Chemistry, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, 1993
  • Mariappan, K., Sykes, A., Selective fluorescence sensing of Copper(II) via controllable, Cu(II)-catalyzed hydrolysis vs. oxidation pathways in aqueous acetonitrile mixtures, American Chemical Society.
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  • Mariappan, K. (2013, October). Cricket Developmental Learning Strategies.
  • Mariappan, K., Sykes, A. G. (2011, August). Selective Schiff base formation with a macrocyclic intraannular carbonyl group: Reactions with bases and metal ions. Presented at the American Chemical Society National Meeting, Denver, CO.