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Trevor Kindle
"Undergraduate research played an integral part in my experience at USD."


Trevor Kindle - Yankton, SD
Major:  Chemistry

I chose USD because it felt like home.  I'm inspired by my sister who was a chemistry major at USD and had great things to say about the department.

USD is different than other schools because of the quantity, quality, and variety of opportunities that exist within such a relatively small campus. Each and every student has the chance to make a real impact on both a local and worldwide scale. At USD, any given student feels like he or she is "somebody," rather than feeling like just another student at a large university.

In addition to my studies, I am involved in the Tiospaye Student Council which is the Native American student organization on campus.  Because of my involvement with this group, I was able to serve in leadership positions, meet other Native students, and network with university administration.

I also got to take part in Undergraduate Research.  This opportunity played an integral part in my experience at USD. During my junior and senior year, a graduate student mentored me and showed me what research was all about.  With after graduation plans to attend medical school, I have been able to conduct some chemistry research with potential medical applications.

Prof. Ranjit Koodali has inspired me the most. He has been my research mentor for the last two years. During this time, he has been recognized in popular media sources for his research work and scientific contributions. He challenges his students to go the extra mile, and has always had an open door policy if students need help. Prof. Koodali cares about his students' academics, but he is also interested in the person inside the student. We can talk about anything - school, life, family, friends and sports. He genuinely enjoys getting to know his students.