Communication Sciences and Disorders

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The American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA)
ASHA's mission is to ensure that all people with speech, language, and hearing disorders have access to quality services to help them communicate effectively. On this site you will find information to help you understand communication and communication sciences and disorders as well as a referral service so you can get access to qualified professionals.

National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Founded in 1972, NSSLHA is the national organization for graduate and undergraduate students interested in the study of normal & disordered human communication.

South Dakota Speech-Language-Hearing Association
The South Dakota Speech-Language-Hearing Association is an ASHA-affiliated member of the Continuing Education Registry, able to provide continuing education credits for presentations, seminars, workshops, and conventions. 

Audiology Online
In May 1998, the idea of Audiology Online began to develop with a goal to provide instant information online for the hearing healthcare community. The idea for Audiology Online was developed and nurtured by members of our staff as well as through input from several of our colleagues. 

Healthy Hearing Consumer Website
Healthy Hearing is a unique website featuring up-to-the-minute news, information and resources for those interested in hearing, causes and treatment of hearing loss, as well as hearing amplification systems. Importantly, Healthy Hearing provides a platform for information exchange and support between those faced with diseases of the ear and the challenges of hearing impairment.

The American Academy of Audiology
The American Academy of Audiology is the world's largest professional organization of, for and by audiologists. The active membership of more than 8,000 audiologists join together to provide the highest quality of hearing healthcare service to children and adults described by our national slogan "Caring for America's Hearing."

USD Graduate School
USD is a great place to fine-tune your skills, narrow or shift your focus, and continue your education. Graduate studies at USD combine the best of exceptional academics, a dedicated faculty, opportunities for practical experience and a unique campus spirit.