College of Arts & Sciences Communication Studies


Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders

Our program emphasizes communication that invites and embraces diversity. Our students have varied backgrounds and undergraduate majors, including communication, business, English, mass communication, counseling and education.

The curriculum prepares students for leadership positions in a variety of fields – business, education, politics, social and human services, health, human resource development, public relations, advertising, marketing, technology, public administration, and the arts and entertainment. The program also prepares students for doctoral study, and for teaching at the secondary and post-secondary levels.   

The graduate degree draws from the departments of Communication Studies and Media & Journalism, which have common roots, theories, and research methods.

Master of Arts Degree

The 36-hour curriculum provides a foundation of research and theory.  The major requires a common core to ensure that graduates demonstrate mastery of research and theory consistent with the field.  Additionally, this program allows elective courses and research options so that the student may develop a customized concentration in a subfield.   

Principal Fields for Specialization and Research: 

  • Communication Studies
  • Mass Communication

A student pursuing a graduate degree in communication may select between two options:

For additional information, please see the Graduate Catalog.

Application Process

To apply to our M.A. program visit the Graduate School page. Application requirements, forms, and directions are provided online. Once all of your materials are received by the graduate school, your packet will be forwarded to the Department of Communication Studies for review.

ContactUs  Director of the Graduate Program
Carolyn Prentice, Associate Professor
(605) 677-5476