College of Arts & Sciences Communication Studies

Mark DeLaurier

Mark DeLaurier
Communication Studies, College of Arts & Sciences
UB Beacom Hall 218
A native of Washington state. Enjoys exploring and communicating the environment, expanding understanding, and taking on injustice. On Twitter: @MarkDeLaurier
Teaching Interests:
I liken my role as a teacher to that of an interpreter. As an interpreter of subject matter, I provide students with a way of understanding the information, the spark to exchange ideas, and the ability to employ what they have learned in real-world settings. My teaching experience includes (1) argumentation, (2) leadership, (3) environmental communication, (4) public speaking, (5) critical rhetoric and popular culture, (6) media and stereotypes, (7) communication in global contexts, (8) communication in an information society, and (9) organizational training and consulting.
Research Interests:
My research is based in critical rhetoric, and I use it to critique communication about the environment. The goal of my research is to create opportunities for the inclusion of perspectives that are typically marginalized. I focus on two areas: analyzing how media represent environmental issues and looking at how environmental advocates can develop successful messages. My dissertation critiqued how the human-nature relationship is portrayed in newspaper coverage of global warming.
  • Ph D, Communication, Washington State University, 2012
  • MA, Communication, Washington State University, 2005
  • BA, English, Saint Martin's University, 2003
  • University of South Dakota College of Arts and Sciences Travel Grant, University of South Dakota, (2014)
  • DeLaurier, M., Salvador, M., Accounting for the Non-human in Categorizing Media Messages about the Environment.
  • DeLaurier, M. (2014, February). Accounting for the Non-human in Categorizing Media Messages about the Environment. Presented at the Western States Communication Association Conference, Anaheim, CA.