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Master of Science

The Master's Degree Program is a two-year Master of Science degree program with a thesis/non-thesis option. You may also choose the Master of Arts degree with an emphasis in Human Computer Interaction.

Graduates of the master's program will be well prepared for positions in software design or systems development in industrial corporations, in public service or computer service companies. Graduates of the master's program will also be well prepared to teach computer courses in two-year colleges or to undertake more advanced training in computer science.

Colloquium Series

As part of the graduation requirements, all students in the CSC master's program must present a research topic to the faculty and students. Examples of topics are:

  • Interfacing C and Perl to Oracle
  • The need for Web services
  • Web Design Using Embedded Languages
  • Computer-Based Acquisition and Instrument Control
  • Java Database Interface
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Remote Method Invocation - A Distributed Object System
  • Firewalls

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