College of Arts & Sciences Criminal Justice

Scholarships & Awards

We pride ourselves in the number and quality of awards given out each year to qualified students. 

Dillon Awards - available to incoming freshmen.

Farber Fund Awards - available to incoming freshmen.

Farber Fund Writing Awards - available to seniors for outstanding papers at least 20 pages.

Philip T. Roche Service to Others Award - awarded to a Criminal Justice or Political Science major who has a sense of community service and a desire to help others.

Spader Scholarships - awarded to CJUS students who have an interest in pursuing training and education in mediation or conflict resolution.

South Dakota Fraternal Order of Police Awards
- given to Criminal Justice majors to promote the study of, and careers in, Criminal Justice.

Frank L. "Jeff" Scott Memorial Award - given to a Criminal Justice major who has at least a 3.0 GPA and financial need.

South Dakota Sheriffs' Association Awards - given to CJUS majors from South Dakota seeking a career in law enforcement.

Philo Sherman Bennett Prize - given for the best essay dealing with the principles of free government.

Dillon Outstanding Senior Award - awarded to an outstanding senior criminal justice major based on overall performance and potential.

Mary B. Edelen Student Intern Award - given to a student intern who has demonstrated a capacity for and interest in working with our political system.

Donald W. Beaty Award - awarded to a self-supporting major, resident of South Dakota, with special interests in the State of South Dakota.

South Dakota Municipal League Scholarship - awarded to sophomore or junior with an aptitude for, and interest in, local government.

Robert Falk Award - available to a sophomore or junior SD resident with an interest in state and local government and with leadership potential.

Faculty Appreciation Award - given to a student whose contributions most helped the department.

Blair Tremere Scholarships
- available to undergraduates who show promise and responsibility as well as an interest in public service.


In addition to these specific scholarships and awards, the Farber Fund makes almost $100,000 available annually for Political Science/Criminal Justice majors to attend conferences, participate in study tours and department trips, complete internships, travel abroad, and carry out research projects.

For freshman scholarships, also see Admissions.