College of Arts & Sciences Earth Sciences


At the present time, a graduate degree in Earth Sciences is not offered; however, we provide supporting courses to graduate students in other programs.

Courses Available to Graduate Students:

ESCI 511 
Principles of Geomorphology
ESCI 521
Earth Materials I with Lab
ESCI 523 
Earth Materials II with Lab
ESCI 525 
Introduction to Geographical Information Systems
ESCI 535 
Geophysical Prospecting
ESCI 542 
Introduction to River Studies
ESCI 543 
Principles of Sedimentology with Lab
ESCI 551 
Earth Structures with Lab
ESCI 561 
Invertebrate Paleontology with Lab
ESCI 563 
Vertebrate Paleontology with Lab
ESCI 573 
Fundamentals of Hydrogeology
ESCI 591 
Independent Study in Earth Science
ESCI 592 
Special Topics in Earth Science
ESCI 791 
Independent Study in Earth Science
OCEN 501

Visit our Graduate Catalog for Course Descriptions.


There are significant research facilities available to students, particularly Earth Sciences students, who take this course work. 

  • Our department and the South Dakota Geological Survey occupy adjacent quarters in the Akeley Science Center on the USD campus. The close working relationship between these two organizations results in augmentation of the programs of each by means of sharing facilities, equipment, and personnel.
  • You'll have available to you the usual sample preparation, mineral separation, thin section, paleontology, and photographic laboratories, supplemented by binocular, computer controlled, and petrographic microscopes and accessories.
  • An X-ray diffractometer, an atomic absorption spectrometer and a water quality laboratory are operated by the State Geological Survey.