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Quote_beginBetween my finger and my thumb
      The squat pen rests.
      I'll dig with it.Quote_end
-Seamus Heaney, "Digging" (1966)

What other discipline can offer the guilty pleasures of reading novels, writing poems or thought-provoking essays, and arguing passionately on the question of "What is literature?" All of these activities lead to students becoming stronger writers and thinkers.

Graduates of Our Program are Leaders in:
  • Providing concisely written, compelling material for print and broadcast media.
  • Developing creative and effective approaches to education.
  • Writing and disseminating policy and communications in government, business and non-profit organizations.

The study of English also provides an ideal basis for further professional education, especially in law, business, and the humanities.

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Darlene Farabee, Associate Professor
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