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M.A. with TESOL Emphasis

(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Is TESOL the Right Choice?

In recent years, more of our M.A. graduates have chosen college teaching than any other single career path. These graduates have successfully established themselves in positions throughout the region.

As the cultural and linguistic diversity of the nation continues to increase, there is a significant need for instructors with expertise in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. In response to these growing local and national demands, USD has designed a specialized program to prepare students to teach in this growing field.

The aim of this program is to prepare graduates to teach English to adults and college-age students who are speakers of other languages. A master's degree is the usual minimum qualification for teachers in the community and junior college settings where most of these students enroll. Graduates with an M.A. degree in English and credentials in TESOL are qualified to teach both the standard range of lower-division English courses and a variety of English as a Second Language courses for which TESOL training is necessary.

The TESOL Experience

Unlike most TESOL programs, USD's Curriculum stresses the study of literature while engaging students in the full range of disciplines necessary for comprehensive training in TESOL.