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Harrington Lectures

An "annual lecture on liberal education" was named in 1966 in honor of Elbert Harrington, Professor of Speech and long-time Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences (1945-1970).

Each year a faculty committee in Arts & Sciences recommends to the dean the name of a faculty member to deliver the Harrington Lecture. The faculty member must be a teacher and scholar in the best liberal arts tradition "whose achievement warrants recognition by the entire College." The annual lecture must be non-technical, blending insight into liberal education with the faculty member's work as a scholar.

Recent Lectures
2014 Gerard Jacobs
It's not all About Profit: Calm in the Midst of Chaos
2013 Tina Keller
Counting What Counts
2012 Karen Koster
Connections, Conundrums, and the Meaning of Life
2011 Randy Quevillon
Scholars of Community in the Community of Scholars
2010 Brian Bedard
Dreaming Dakota: Image and Story
2009 Timothy Heaton Getting Along: Case Studies in Science-Culture Conflict
2008 Jose Flores Research in Mathematical Ecology and the Struggle for Existence
2007 Dona Davis Science and Serendipity: Reflections on an Anthropological Career
2006 Barbara Arneson Yutrzenka Reason, Rights and Raspberries

Past Lectures